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Meeting Notice

MVP Meeting Notice—Forks Weekend Saturday Evening (8:30pm MVP Time)

During the Forks Weekend we are planning on holding an "official MVP meeting". The purpose is to discuss several problems, entertain proposals for bylaws changes, and hear from the membership of what you want from the club.

Some of the probems prompting us to hold a meeting are:

  1. We have had a hard time getting people willing to serve on the board (or resigning), due to liability. The primary concern is boat rentals; but other activities also cause concern. No-one wants to lose their house because someone else did something stupid. (At least two members of the current MVP Board only agreed to serve under the condition that we deal with this issue.) This is the reason that boat rentals are currently unavailable.
  2. We need to spread the work around, the club cannot function with only a couple people doing the work (And to get more help the first problem needs to be solved).
  3. We probably need to raise dues if we decide we need liability insurance. This takes a bylaw change (which also requires two meetings.)
  4. While we're at it, the bylaws need to be updated for the 21st Century (eg, infrequent meetings, electronic communication, better budgeting, etc.) Click here to see the MVP Charter/Bylaws.

Possible Solutions to Liability Issue (Other ideas welcomed):

  1. Club buys liability insurance (info listed below).
  2. Eliminate the rental program. Reduce or change other events to limit liability.
  3. Limit rentals to Class III or below as per insurance requirements. Also might need to impose other limits such as skills qualification before rentals (eg, ratings), minimum membership time, etc.
  4. Drastically raise rental rates to cover part of insurance cost.
  5. Drastically raise dues to pay for insurance. (We pretty much run on a break-even basis now.)
  6. Require any rentals on Class IV be an "official" club trip with ACA event insurance.
  7. Join forces with other clubs to jointly purchase insurance.
  8. Modify the bylaws to double or triple the number of board members so that everyone who volunteers for the club in a major way is covered by insurance. (Assuming we only get D&O insurance.)
  9. Professional Risk Assesment: Steve Brown (our favorite paddler/attorney who loves to lose paddles) suggested this. There are people in the legal/insurance industry who specialize in looking at the law, the organizations activities, etc, and would tell us where the club is most exposed and what needs to be done to reduce the exposure (ie, what types of insurance needed, what changes to club practices need to be implemented, etc). Cost of assessment ~$500 as a guess.

Types of Insurance and Costs:

Directors and Officers Insurance ~$800/year (quotes from multiple agents) D&O Insurance is very common for larger non-profts. It provides a layer of protection to the officers from many types of lawsuits. Generally excluded from coverge are big-ticket items such as wrongful death, personal injury, property damage, etc, which normally covered by general liability. (May not apply to all policies, we're received conflicting information from different agents as to what is covered by D&O policies and what is excluded. This needs more research and actual copies of policies).
Livery Insurance $???/year Liability coverage for the rental business. Don't have a solid quote; two different insurance companies declined to quote coverage since the MVP rents boats for use on Class IV rivers. They *would* sell us insurance if rentals were restricted to Class III and easier rivers.
General Liability $1,500–$15,000 per year depending upon limits/restrictions. This would cover all members (not just the board) for all activities, on and off water. (Quoted Limits and cost ranges on each line vary depending on insurance company analysis of club activities and practices which would come later.) Bob Nasdor (our other favorite paddling attorney) recommends a minimum of 1M in coverage:
  $50k Per Person/$100k Per Accident/$300k Aggregate — $1,500–$3,000/year.
  $100k Per Person/$300k Per Accident/$1M Aggregate — $2,500–$4,500/year.
  $250k Per Person/$500k Per Accident/$1M Aggregate — $4,500–$6,500/year.
  $500k Per Person/$1M Per Accident/$2M Aggregate — $6,000–$9,500/year.
  $1M Per Person/$1M Per Accident/$2M Aggregate — $9,500–$15,000/year.
Note: A second insurance agent we talked to didn't provide an exact quote for General Liability, instead saying it was "unaffordable" for the club. He estimated a yearly cost of ~$3,500.00. He also stated he had no other insurance products he could sell us related to whitewater activities.
Event Insurance $200–$250/event Separately insure each event (P'Cat, New Years Day, etc) instead of getting General Liability. Would not apply to rentals obviously.
ACA Event Insurance $5/person/event
(or) $25/person ACA membership yearly.
This is what we use now for the Forks Trip Rafting and for Pool Sessions in the Winter. It could potentially be expanded for other activities, but would administratively be a lot of work.

Insurance Cost vs MVP Finances

Most of the club activities run on a break-even basis. Rentals bring in $700-$1000/year which pays cost of repairs, upgrades, and replacements. We'd have to double or triple the rental rates at a minimum to pay insurance.

Membership brings in $1,500–$2,000/year which pays admin costs, web site, etc, plus food/rentals/etc for events (beyond what is received in the tip jar). We'd need to double or triple the membership fees to pay for insurance (assuming the same number of members).

Proposed bylaw changes.

Under the current rules; any proposals to change the bylaws require the support of five members. Proposals are then voted on at a subsequent meeting. Quorum for meetings is 10% of membership. Proposed changes include:
  1. Dues increase [amount TBD].
  2. Allow electronic submission (and voting) for future bylaw changes.
  3. Change the requirement for meetings of membership and board to reflect current practice in the 21st century.
  4. Creation of a default yearly budget that takes effect if none set by a meeting.
2019 Spring/Summer Activity Calendar

Here's what the MVP (and our members) are doing (trips, releases, etc):

(If you're planning something, let Scott know to add it to this calendar.)

Apr 13–14 Millers [MA] Release Weekend 54th Annual River Rat Race
Apr 27–28 Blackwater Release Weekend NESS Blackwater Slalom Race
Apr 27 (Sat) Ashuelot River Release Surrey Mtn Dam 5am–1pm 275cfs
Ashuelot Canoe Race, Kiwanis Club Race
May 4–5 West [VT] Release Weekend Group camping at Jamaica State Park. NO SHUTTLE
May 4–5 Lower Otter Brook Release 9am–3pm 300cfs, Otter Brook Canoe & Kayak Race
Sunday release has priority for water.
May 17–19 Stony Creek Rendezvous Festival
Benscreek Canoe Club [PA]
see Dante DiOrio for details.
Jun 22–23 Winni Release Weekend Winni River Days Whitewater Festival
Camping in Odell Park. Club BBQ at take-out?
NESS Winni Slalom Race 1000cfs
Jun 28–30 Deerfield River Festival Camping on the festival grounds.
Jul ?–? Pemi/Bristol Release Weekend Sat 10am–3pm, Sun 10–2 1000cfs
?tentative? Rapid/Androscoggin Weekend
IPC Deerfield Reunion Weekend Deerfield Weekend; Camping and BBQ at Country Aire.
Aug 9–11 Forks Family Weekend Dead (Sat), Kennebec (Sun)
Group camping at Webb's.
Aug ?–? Pemi/Bristol Release Weekend Sat 10am–3pm, Sun 10–2pm 1000cfs
Chica Paddle Weekend (See Cheryl Guyre for details).
(This is the release in the license for the MVP Pig Roast.)
Quebec/Ontario Long Weekend? Possible Late Summer Northern Rivers Trip
Magalloway Weekend Joint trip with Penobscot Paddle & Chowder Society.

Fall releases decided after Labor Day; typically one-per-weekend in October ending Halloween Weekend.
Sep 21–22 
West Release Weekend
Group camping at Jamaica State Pk.
Low Country Boil signup at TBD.
Colombus Day Week Fall Drawdowns Start Suncook River—Class II (Upper/Lower Suncook Lakes)
North Branch Contoocook—Cl 4+ (Highland Lake/Island Pond)
Mascoma River—Class 3 (Mascoma Lake)
Newfound River—Class 3 (Newfound Lake)
Sugar River—Class 2 (Sunapee Lake)
date TBD North Branch P'cat Release Horace Lake to Everett Lake—Class 3&4
date TBD Little Suncook Release Class 3&4 (Northwood Lake)
Halloween Weekend? Lower Piscataquog Release Class II (Glen Lake/Greggs Fall Dam)
  End-of-Season Paddlers' Halloween BBQ and Paddle - Everyone Welcome
Nov ?–? Tohickon Creek Release [PA] Last Release of the Season.
See Prabhat Adhikary for details.

For group camping: go here to reserve and pay on this MVP web site page.

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National River Cleanup Week.

National River Cleanup Week is coming soon.  Please join us on Tuesday June 10th on the Souhegan River.

Help us clean the putins, takeouts, surrounding woods, road, and parking areas.

Bring gloves, bug spray, drinking water, and wear appropriate footwear and clothing for walking in the woods.  This is rain or shine, so rain apparel might be needed.

If someone could bring a wheelbarrow, it would be greatly appreciated.  George will provide event trash bags, arrange for removal of the collected trash and get us permission to park at Horseshoe Falls if necessary.

If time allows and equipment is provided, we could attempt to remove a tree when we are done.

Meet at the upper put in at 8am-or later.  Anyone willing to put any amount of time into this will be appreciated.

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New Years Day on the Winni - 2019

Start 2019 off right with the first paddling event of the year.

New Years day on the Winnipesaukee River in NH has been an MVP tradition for decades.

This year marks the 38th annual run.

We will NOT be in the church this year. We are using a large meeting space down the street from the takeout. It's at 361 Central Street (across from Marty's shop), on the SECOND FLOOR above TOAD HALL. There is public parking behind the building. It's a large comfortable space plus plenty of small rooms for changing, etc.It will be open shortly after 9am.

The take-out tent is sponsored by the fine folks from Choose Franklin. More info on the Franklin, NH city web site.

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