2017 MVP Calendars (All calendar photos shown below when you visit the web site.)

$13 each; pickup New Years Day Event. Supply limited.

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We're the MVP, and we'll paddle with anybody!!!

We welcome paddlers who are members of other organizations. We support all organized (and disorganized) paddling groups. Joining multiple paddling organizations is a great way to meet people and have more opportunities for paddling.

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The MVP maintains a large email list (almost a thousand members) which serves as a message board, a way to coordinate paddling opportunities, a discussion forum, and just as a way for paddlers to stay in touch. Sign up for the email list using the link to Yahoo Groups below. Note: New members only. If you're already on the list don't join the list again.

Our email list is open to everyone. You do not need to be a member to join it. Go here to join.

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