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Current River Flow Information in the Northeast [release info scroll down]

American Whitewater – [NH] [ME] [VT] [MA] [CT] [NY] [Quebec]

USGS Gage Levels – [NH] [ME] [VT] [MA] [CT] [NY]

US Army Corps Engineers Dam Inflow/Outflows – [New England District]

  New Hampshire:   [N. Branch P'cat/Everett Dam]   [Blackwater]   [Otter Brook]   [Ashuelot/Surry Mtn]
   [Pemi/Franklin Falls]   Vermont:   [Black/N Springfield Dam]   [West/Ball Mtn]   [West/Townshend]
  Massachusetts:   [Millers/Birch Hill]   [Millers/Tully]   [Westfield/Knightville]   [Westfield/Littleville]

NH State Dept Environmental Services Real-time Data – [Basin List]

  [Lakeport Dam]  [Newfound]  [Bearcamp]  [Suncook]  [Mascoma Inflow]  [Mascoma Outflow]

Centre d'expertise hydrique Québec – Suivi hydrologique de différentes stations hydrométriques

   [Jacques-Cartier]  [Batiscan]  [Rouge]  [Saint-Laurent/Lachine]

Environment Canada – [Kipawa/Laniel]

Brookfield Power Hydro Dam Flow Levels (ME, NH, MA, NY)

  ME:  [Penobscot/Seboomook]   [Penobscot/Canada Falls]   [Penobscot/Ripogenus]
  NH:  [Androscoggin/Pontook Dam]  MA:  [Deerfield/Fife Brook]
  NY:  [Black River/Beebe Island Dam]  MD:  [Youghiogheny/McHenry]

TransCanada Hydro Dam Flow Levels (Deerfield, Connecticut)

  Deerfield River, VT:   [Somerset Dam]   [Searsburg Dam]   [Harriman Reservoir]
    MA:  [Sherman Dam]  [#5 Dam/Monroe Bridge]   [#4/Shelburne Falls]   [#3/Shelburne Falls]   [#2/Buckland]


NH Whitewater Releases (Negotiated by MVP and others)

Note: Fall releases decided after Labor Day; typically one-per-weekend in October ending Halloween Weekend.

Lower Otter Brook—No March/April Release This Year/No Snow—Class II

Blackwater—April 23–24—650 cfs Class III-IV

NESS Blackwater Slalom Race

Lower Otter Brook—Apr 30–May 1—300 cfs Class II

ACA NH WW Championship, Sunday release has priority for water.

Ashuelot River/Surrey Mtn Dam—Sat May 7–275 cfs

Ashuelot Canoe Race, 3rd Kiwanis Club Race

Upper/Lower Winnipesaukee River—Class I & III (Both Sections)—Sat/Sun June 26–27 1000 cfs

NESS Winni Slalom Race

Pemigewasset—Class 2 (Bristol)—July 9 (10am–3pm) July 10 (10am–2pm) 1000cfs
  & Aug 20–21 (10am–3pm) 1000cfs August Cancelled—No Water.

North Branch Piscataquog—Class 3&4 (Horace Lake)—Oct 15

Suncook River—Class II (Upper/Lower Suncook Lakes)—No Whitewater Release

Note: State cancelled whitewater release last four years due to limited participation. Speak up if interested.
Regular lake drawdowns for most rivers start October 12.

North Branch Contoocook—Class 4+ (Highland Lake/Island Pond)—Drawdown starts Oct 10

Mascoma River—Class 3 (Mascoma Lake)—Drawdown starts Oct 10

Newfound River—Class 3 (Newfound Lake)—Drawdown starts Oct 10

Sugar River—Class 2 (Sunapee Lake)—Drawdown starts Oct 10

Little Suncook—Class 3&4 (Northwood Lake)—Oct TBD (Might be cancelled)

Regular lake drawdown starts Oct 13.

Lower Piscagaquog—Class II (Glen Lake/Greggs Falls Dam)—Oct 22

End-of-Season Paddlers' Halloween BBQ and Paddle - Everyone Welcome


Scheduled Releases in New England

NH Lakes Fall Drawdown Schedule (NH State DES)—Schedule 2016
  [2015]   [2014]   [2013]   [2012]   [2011]   [2011]   [2010]   [2009]   [2008]  [2007]  [2006]

US Army Corps of Engineers New England DistrictRelease Schedule

Includes:  NH: Otter Brook Dam, Blackwater Dam,Surry Mountain Lake (Ashuelot River);
   MA: Littleville Lake, Knightville Dam, East Brimfield Lake, Birch Hill &
  Tully Lake Dams (Millers River); VT: Ball Mountain & Townshend Dams (West River).

Penobscot River Upper South Branch – Canada Falls Dam (Brookfield Power)
  All Canada Falls releases cancelled until furthur notice due to equipment failure.

Penobscot River Upper West Branch – Seboomook Dam (Brookfield Power)

Penobscot River West Branch – McKay Station & Ripogenus Dam (Brookfield Power)

Kennebec River–Harris Station Dam (Brookfield Power)

Dead River (Brookfield Power)

 Included above in Kennebec Schedule.

Rapid & Magalloway Rivrs (FPL Energy)

Androscoggin River – Errol Dam (FPL Energy)

 Note: Androscoggiin releases are decided last minute and voted on by committee. There is no schedule.

Androscoggin River – Pontook Dam (Brookfield Power)

Deerfield River – Fife Brook (Brookfield Power)

Deerfield River – Monroe Bridge Dates (TransCanada)   [CFS levels by day]

New England Slalom Series (NESS) – Race & Release Schedule

Northeast Paddlers Message Board Release Schedule

AMC and New England F.L.O.W. Release Schedule (Julia's List)

   US ACOE Releases, PSHN (Pemi@Bristol), Dead/Kennebec,
   Town of Otis/MA DCR/Otis Reservoir Dam – Farmington/New Boston


Scheduled Releases elsewhere in the Northeast

Tohickon Creek (Pennsylvania DCNR)[Spring] [Fall] [Full Calendar]

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